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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mystery Carlton

Carlton is generally known for their high quality, handmade road bike frames.  With ornate lugwork and lightweight tubing, they're very desirable.

While the head tube lugs are chrome, they're not what I would call ornate:

Otherwise, it's fairly light, but the dropouts are stamped, not forged.  I cannot find much information online about this specific bike.  The serial number on the dropout is 208464, leading me to date it between 1968 and 1972 (thanks to this page).

The tubing sticker:

Indicates that it's made with Tru-Wel 205 tubing.  High-tensile carbon steel; but a Tubing Industries (TI) product.

Thanks to this eBay listing, I am certain that this is a Carlton Criterium, but not sure what market it was intended for.  I'll be fitting a set of 27" wheels, rather than trying to stretch the brakes for 700c.

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