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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Big Blue's Cousin

In a surprising coincidence, I snagged a freebie frame that appears to be identical to the large blue bike.

The brand name is "BUFFO", which unusual (to me) - Although it may have been custom made for this guy, although "branding his own bicycles" isn't on his long list of achievements.

Also, last week was the first bike swap meet for 2010, which was a cool event. Milenkovich puts it on, at the parking lot at Oak Bay Bikes, and it's a collection of the various backyard bikemen and weekend warriors.

I sold two bikes! That works for me.

Also - finished off the Rocky Mountain bike, after dropping $80 on final supplies (cables, pedals and drivetrain). It's still a little rough around the edges, it will take a few rides to get it dialed in.

I hastily built up two extra bikes for the swap meet, and had to redo them over the last few days. Now they are up on the block - the red Diamond Back (now with slicks and fenders) and a Triumph Laser, rebuilt and revived.

Photos of the RMB will be posted later...