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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mesa Toscana

Here is the Miele hybrid, a Toscana 300.  It is 24 speeds, and will go up for sale once I have replaced the cables and probably also the brake pads.  It squeaks.

I had to cut a U-lock off this bike and ground up my finger pretty bad in the process.  Stupid.

This is the Kuwahara Mesa.  It's from 1986-1988 due to the chainstay U-brake way down by the crank.    It has a Suntour drivetrain with indexed shifting, but the rear derailleur was half missing and the hanger was bent, so I will probably swap it out for a 7-speed shimano setup.  The six-speed Suntour indexing compatible derailleurs are hard to find.

The rear wheel is wrecked and needs a new rim, so I might as well pick up a good used wheel and be done with it.

Check out the sweet fade paint job and the bear trap pedals!

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